Today is just not the day

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Okay, so you know those seasons in life… the ones where you blink and they are gone, where your still writing the date from two months ago and honestly thinking your still in that month? Well I’m having that season right now haha. With two small kids, a home décor business that is booming, a baking business that is constant, my involvement in the church and helping everything run “smooth” (as far as everyone sees haha) and all the life activities you have under your wings as a momma who stays at home with her kids….. my to do list is always full, overflowing to the next day, shoot the next month.
With all this it is easy to get caught up and not look around at the season your flying through. Those small kids who seem to grow over night into little men. The Christmas season with all its joy and wonder…. there is so much good to slow down and see.
I am also learning how to give into what I want to happen in my life vs what is just the reality of what I can handle in my life… That PILE of clean laundry in the mud room, yeah its not getting folded and put away today either… That Christmas tree that is up but has ZERO decorations on it, yeah my little baby would just pull those off anyways….. My hair that has been in a pony tail for the last 3 days, yeah its just easier and I don’t have time to wash, dry, straighten and style my hair today, or this week for that matter haha….
But I will tell you what I will MAKE time for. My family, my boys, eating dinner together as a family each and every night even if it is take out pizza for the 4th night in a row. I don’t thing it will be the perfectness in your life that you and your familyimg_5417 will remember when you get past this stage. I think it will be the memories made and letting your children know they are more important than a clean house, folded laundry, 5 course meals, and sometimes even showers haha. Not to say I am not secretly looking forward to my 30 min showers and a clean house again, but someday…today is just not that day.

  • Kerrin Rose
    December 6, 2016

    Ha!!! Oh do I feel you!!! I’m learning that too. It’s ok if the house {camper} is a little messy & laundry isn’t done or the pile of dishes in the sink is so high you’d rather just throw them out than wash them…and I don’t even want to talk about my hair. Pony tail & sweats, I official uniform of moms everywhere! My family is the priority. I really like what you said there too, about the boys knowing they are a priority over the house being clean. I have to remember that. I want Hailey to know she’s more important than a clean house {camper}. Love you lady!

  • Kathie
    December 6, 2016

    This revelation will pay off big time in the years to come when your grown up family is sitting around the table, laughing and enjoying each other. It’s a thing you can’t put a price on, just like memories. Good for you Lindsay!

  • Shalynne
    December 7, 2016

    You inspire me! I have to remember when I get home to not worry about the mess and just spend time with my baby boy! ❤️ Lindsay you’re a rockstar

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