Catching Up..

Hi Everyone! Happy Wednesday!! So I am currently standing in my kitchen making homemade candies! Its something I have never done, but wanted to give it a go… so here we are. So far, not too bad! Besides every tool you use being a sticky gooey mess…its not too bad 🙂

I have so much I want to share with you guys with what is going on with my little family this past month. It has been a whirlwind  fun month… haha. We threw the little his first birthday party, had family come into town, took a mini family vacation, cleaned out the garden, canning canning canning, picked the fruit trees, canning canning, canning, baked a handful of cakes and pies, started working on our backyard patio (whoot whoot) and picked up a few dinning room chairs to redo…. so needless to say, I’ve had a busy but fun month and its only looking to keep up its pace going into the winter months… BUUUUUTTTTT I love it!!

So with that being said, I thought it would be fun to take you guys on a mini trip with me over the last month of my life. I’m going to start a blog series (? is that the right word?) called “Catching Up” where I catch you up on what I have been up to lately and I would love to hear what you have been up to!!! So buckle you seatbelts… here we go!!

Our First Family Vacation

So this past weekend we went to South Dakota and had an amazing, relaxing, fun filled long weekend exploring. It was so much fun and we made so many memories! We went to the Badlands, Needles Hwy, Reptile Garden, Mount Rushmore, Hot Springs, Bear Country, Road the 1880’s Steam Train, and stopped at Wall Drug. I had never been to any of those places, so I loved seeing all these new amazing landscapes God made and man made. Its so amazing to me, when you step back and look around to see the beauty all around you! It amazes me over the 6 hour car ride, how different the landscape is! I live in a fairly flat farming/ranching area with lots of trees, bundles of hay, and cows. But drive a little north and you have hills, mountains, amazing landscape that is completely different than all other areas around it. The Badlands was the first place we went, it was so beautiful! It reminded me of a mini Grand Canyon.



Look at those beautiful rocks!


Next we went to Bear Country. This was a really cool experience seeing as the only time I saw real live animals (besides rodents and the occasional coyote) was at the zoo. At Bear Country you drive around this outdoor animal sanctuary if you will. There are Elk (first thing I said to my hubs was I want that over my mantel, haha), foxes, mountain goats, sheep, bobcats, bears, and much more that I cant remember, lol. The animals roam around so you are right next to them! It was such an amazing experience!! I guess I am a little bit of an animal lover so I just sat and stared out the window at all these amazing powerful animals!

10This big boy was literally right outside our window!

9 The Little and I…oh yeah and a giant bear!!!

4He  L O V E S  to drive! Don’t worry, we were only going about 2 miles an hour on a one way privet street… there is my disclaimer so no one turns me in, haha


Next we made a quick stop at Wall Drug. This is an old store that got famous by giving out free ice water, who would have thought?!? It was pretty cool but I was bummed because I missed the hot fresh doughnuts! Trip Ruined! Just kidding, I made it out alive




One of my other favorite parts of the trip was the ride on the 1880’s Train that goes thru the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was an old fashion steam train that took us through the mountains hills of the black hills. Now, this could have been a pretty bad trip seeing as the little man had not napped for the day and it was well well well past nap time, but he was a trooper and ended up falling asleep as soon as daddy held him. Have I mentioned that those two melt my heart?!?!?!


That is one exhausted baby!


My hot hubby! I mean, look at him!! Adorable!


My favorite part of our trip was seeing Mount Rushmore. It was nothing like I had thought, it was better. There is just something special about that mountain, it makes you feel so American just being there. It gives you a feeling of pride for your country and you may or may not start singing the Star Spangled Banner… I may or may not have…



This was a cool shot from the side of the mountain. I’m telling you, if you have not been there, go there! Pictures don’t do it justice, especially iPhone pictures haha.


The last part (or the part I thought was last, keep reading to find out what I mean) of our trip was through Needles Hwy. This was breathtaking and I was so blown away that I forgot to snap a lot of pictures. There are needle like rocks that shoot up all over. The hwy goes all around, not good if your motion sensitive like myself, but worth it! There were spots where you actually drove through the middle of these huge rocks. Bonus there was wildlife all over the place! One of the coolest things was at the very end, a huge buffalo came up and walked right next to the cars! I ended up making the hubs drive away when he started to walk our way, who wants to end their amazing trip with a buffalo indent in their bumper?!?! Not I!



So ya know how I said I thought that Needles Hwy was the last part of our trip??? Well little did I know that my sneaky hubby had a surprise end to the trip, Hot Springs, SD. This little town in the middle of nowhere has these hot springs that stay a warm 87 degrees all year long, and lucky for us, this day was a little chilly so a nice hot dip sounded amazing! This town built a building around the biggest spring. They have 2 slides, 2 baby areas, a big swimming area, water volleyball, and hanging rings that you try to Tarzan swing across… yes I did try them, and no I did not make it past the first ring…I’m blaming that one on the little arms and far spaced rings..haha. We had so much fun! We ran around like kids at a water park! We went down the slides, soaked, did the rings then repeated the whole process. The little LOVES water so he was on cloud 9!!! What a way to end the trip! I love surprises and I love hot tubs!

All in all this was some of the most fun I have had in a long time!!! We enjoyed our selves, drank lots of coffee, slept in, bonded as a family, and to top it all off we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! I feel like the most blessed girl to be able to do life with my little family! I was sad to leave but happy to be home!

So now its your turn! What have you guys been up to? Comment below or post on your blog with the title “Catching up..” #catchingup

Until next time….

Lindsay Bee



  • Shawna
    October 3, 2014

    WOW- what a fantastic trip. The way you describe it makes me feel like I was there…but I wasn’t LOL
    Can I just make a guess that you DID break out singing the star-spangled-banner…..just sayin….I pretty much know you did.
    Beautiful Family…love your blog- keep the updates coming!!

    • lindsaybee
      October 3, 2014

      Haha how did you know!!! The trip was a blast! Cant wait for the next one, haha.

  • Bekah
    October 3, 2014

    Love this blog! Can’t wait to read more. Sounds like you packed a ton into a 4 day trip. What a blast!

    • lindsaybee
      October 3, 2014

      haha we did friend!!! It was a blast, maybe next year we can all go! How awesome would that be?!?!?!? I would never want to come home, haha

  • Bekah
    October 3, 2014

    Oh and I Looooove the logo.

    • lindsaybee
      October 3, 2014

      Oh why thank you 😉 perks of having a webdesigning/logomaking hubby! haha

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