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Its a beautiful Wednesday morning here in small town Nebraska! As I sit and sip on my coffee and reflect on this past weekend I have had, more to come about that later, all I can think about it this beautiful invention called the Pizookie. Now I know some of you may know what this is, but most might not. This little word Pah-zoo-key is a beautiful mix of half baked cookie with cold ice cream melting on top…. like I said above Ah-ha-mazing! So instead of racing to the grocery store to get this little evil dessert, I will write about it in hopes it will take my bad cravings away, lol…. a girl can always wish!

These are great when you are having a last minute get together and need something quick and easy, and I mean quick and very easy! Here is how you make them:

– go to the store and get a package of pre-cut cookie squares (you can use whichever is your favorite but I always just lean towards chocolate chip), a 1/2 gallon of ice cream (or gallon if your little heart desires), and those small aluminum mini pie tins

– go home, lol, and pre heat your oven to the temp on the cookie package.

– place 3-4 cookies in each pie tin, use your own judgment on this one… lets just say I always do 4..hahaha

– press down lightly on each cookie to flatten a bit

– cook in the oven for a few min under the cookie cook time… if the package says 7-10 min go about 6-7

– once the top of the cookie looks almost like it is cooked…. TAKE IT OUT! Quick!!! You don’t want to cook the cookie the whole way thru, they should be gooey and ooyey and mooyey (yes those are made up words) on the inside

– promptly top with a scoop of your ice cream and enjoy!!!!


That’s it! I told you easy peasy mountain cheese! and your welcome, trust me……

So here was my try to take away a craving by sharing it with all of you guys! Let me know what you think or if you have had pizookies before, comment on your favorite combination. Is it chocolate chip and vanilla ice cream, oatmeal and mint chocolate chip, double chocolate cookie and chocolate ice cream!?!?!?!?

Until next time,

Lindsay Bee XOXO

  • Lori Diehl
    February 19, 2015

    We love these too!! We make the white chocolate macadamia pizookie!!! Mine doesn’t look like that picture but they still taste Ah-ha-mazing!!

    • lindsaybee
      February 20, 2015

      Oh man, that sounds amazing!!!! I will have to try that one next…oh wait im not suppose to be eating these, just writing about them…lol

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